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Sport Governance 

Sport Governance

Our managing partner Amelia Fouques, is not only an expert in governance (teaching it at University level) but  has also  hands-on experience in good governance  practices after being a member of various and prestigious boards such as the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC), Fondation Marie de France,  Alex Kovalev & friends Foundation for kids and the Canadian Soccer Association (Soccer Canada).

  • Review and prepare bylaws and other key governing documents

  • Ensure compliance with government Sport  policies

  • Perform risk management assessments and prepare risk registries

  • Prepare policies for eligibility, selection, carding, discipline, harassment, conflict of interest, confidentiality, etc

  • Advise on mandatory policies relating to employment, workplace harassment, discrimination, privacy and safety

  • Prepare terms of reference for committees

  • Provide educational materials for directors, officers, staff and volunteers

  • Advise on nominations and elections procedures

  • Develop programs to improve board effectiveness, clarify board and staff roles and responsibilities, and improve board-staff relations

  • Conduct governance assessments and policy audits

  • Assess current financial management processes and create customized systems to enhance efficiency and credibility

  • Provide formal education on good governance issues (match-fixing, harassment, abuse, etc)



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