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We are happy to be the lawyers of the Canadian #Influencers industry!

We are happy to serve individuals such as influencers and celebrities in Canada, as well as product manufacturers, and corporations spanning a wide range of industries (fashion, beauty, sport, services, etc.). We understand the unique challenges that arise as a result of the increasing popularity of social networks.

  • What we do

We help the Influencers ,whatever their media (Instagram, Youtubers, Streamers, Snapchat, and Facebook, etc) to protect their rights, to understand what they are selling to a brand (their images, their photos, their name? their logo? their social contents?) and what not, if it is an exclusif right or not, to ensure payments and most importantly do you comply with different Advertising laws that may apply?

Trademark, copyright, patents, and other forms of intellectual property ;

Drafting and negotiating influencer agreements;

Business transactions

Compliance with different laws ( advertising, consumers, etc)

  • Why Influencers need a lawyer?

Because agencies, managers, and lawyers have different roles for them. The Agencies sometimes have their own lawyers. Or the Agent is a lawyer herself or himself. So Influencers need to be extra- carefull.

Indeed, the agency lawyer works for the agency. So if there is some litigation between your agent and yourself, there will some conplications and conflicts of interests. You want to avoid that absolutly.

We have highly specialized and knowledgeable team of lawyers who provide strategic and innovative legal support to our clients on how to skillfully maximize the impact this emerging industry has on their business goals.

We are bilingual (French and English).

We serve Canadian clients but do have consultants in the #USA.

Contact us for a free consultation here

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