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FIFA bans 4 football players for match-fixing

Soccer player George #Mandela was banned for life by #FIFA for match-fixing in the #Kenyan league and three others got four-year bans.

Last season, Mandala's Club finished seventh in the 18-team Kenyan league while it was conspiring to lose games. The team isn second place this season.

FIFA said Mandela, who is from #Uganda, had a “central role in the conspiracy” to fix games last season.

Kenyan media said Mandela was a middle man taking instructions to his #Kakamega Homeboyz teammates from the club’s then-coach, who was also Ugandan. The club let go of Mandela last February.

Three of Mandela’s former teammates, #MosesChikati, #FestusOkiring, and #FestoOmukoto, were banned for four years.

“This investigation was conducted by FIFA through its integrity department with the consent of and in cooperation with the relevant stakeholders and authorities,” FIFA said.

FIFA also specified that ' The grounds of the decisions, if requested, will be published on in accordance with art. 51 par. 7 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code. '

However one important question remains: what about the cheating club(s) ? Will FIFA sanction them as well? Those players were indeed payed by someone to make their team loose. These players should be sanctioned. But the real cheaters, the ones that are hurting the beautifull Game are those who are paying them. They should be sanctioned not only by criminal jurisdictions but as well by football bodies including FIFA.

Do you agree?

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