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CAS does not have jurisdiction to rule on the appeals that sought the inclusion of a Womens 50km Rac

A few days ago, The Court of Arbitration for Sport (#CAS) issued decisions in two appeals filed by Inês Henriques, Claire Woods, Paola Pérez, Johana Ordóñez, Magaly Bonilla, Ainhoa Pinedo, Erin Taylor-Talcott and Quentin Rew (collectively, “the Appellants”) against the International Olympic Committee (#IOC) and #WorldAthletics, in which the Appellants sought the inclusion of women athletes in the 50km race walk event at the #Tokyo2020 Olympic Games with separate classifications for men and women. The CAS Panel found that it did not have jurisdiction to rule on these appeals. For this reason, the arbitration procedures have been terminated.

The question remains: how convenient of a decision this is for both the IOC as well as the Tokyo2020 organisations so late in the olympic agenda? Especially since the CAS has not published the motivations behind its decision to refuse jurisdiction for an Olympic matter?

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