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CAF General Secretary didn't even last a year! Clean-Up time?

Indeed, CAF General Secretary Mouad Hajji was appointed as CAF' GS on 11 April 2019. Thus he was in his glorius position for less than 11 months.

Officially, his resignation came (as always), for a familly reason. Indeed, citing personal reasons and indicating the need to return to Morocco as soon as possible, Hajji also appealed for notice of his departure to be shortened, a request which the President oth board of the CAS has appararently acceded to.

CAF's website has published to that effect the followings:

According to the statutes of the organisation, resignations and appointments must be submitted to the Executive Committee Thus, the CAF President has announced that a meeting of the Emergency Committee will be convened as soon as possible to appoint an interim General Secretary.

It seems to us that the CAF has been experiencing numerous crises for several years.

Major crisis affecting most of all its senior management. Indeed, one must not forget that Mouad Hajji's resignation comes 11 months after the sacking of his (in)famous predecessor Amr Fahmy, after having accused the president of the CAF Ahmad Ahmad, of corruption and sexual harassment, in front of the ethics committee of FIFA. An investigation concerning the president of CAF, Ahmad is still underway, but no prosecution has yet been launched against Ahmad, who has always denied any crime and was questioned by French police last June.

However, yet again the lack of transparency in CAF's communications is quite alaming, regarding its Secretary General' resignation. As it was last year regarding all the Fahmy-Ahmad corruption & sexual harrasment case. This is certainly not what good gorvernance is about. Indeed, one of the important elements of good governance is Transparency. Why? Because Transparency is the essential and intrinsic element to prove integrity. At the end, the magic word for good governance is Integrity.

The 56 countries of the African continent members of CAF deserve better. African balloon lovers deserve better.

But don't think for a second that the immense lack of transparency is a problem only for CAF . Unfortunately, this is an international problem in the world of football (soocer) and all Football confederations do suffer from the same ugly affliction.

It's time to clean up and disinfect with bleach.

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