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  • Interent Technology Purchases and Sales

  • Internet Technology Commercialization

  • Internet Technology Licenses

  • E-commerce Agreements

  • Application Service Provider (ASP) Agreements

  • Software As A Service (SAAS) Agreements

  • UDRP and CDRP Arbitrations

  • Web Content Licenses

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) Agreements

  • Website Hosting Agreements

  • Domain Name Purchase Agreements

  • Domain Name Disputes

  • Cybersquatting

  • Website Terms Of Use Agreements

  • Privacy Policies

  • Affiliate Agreements

  • Web Marketing Agreements

  • Website Development Agreements

  • Escrow Agreements

  • Data Licenses

  • Instagrammer contracts

  • Gamer Contracts

  • Internet publicists contracts

  • Drafting Social Media Influencer Contracts for Influencers and Brands seeking to work with Influencers;

  • Providing advice on legal requirements and existing contracts;

  • Conducting mediations  and settlement conferences between disputing parties; 

Internet Law


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