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Our Vision

We consider our clients like our business partners. Your story and your goals interest us, and we want to support you all the way .We are a small entity of lawyers and other legal professionals who offer tailor-made services to our clients. Each file that we accept will be treated with dedication and energy. We take the files and rights of our clients particularly to heart and will defend you like lions.
We are lawyers.
We are not diplomats
We fight fiercely for your rights

Especially when fundamental rights are at stake!


Your success is our success.


Amelia Fouques,  is our managing partner. Amelia is an international award winning canadian commercial and sport lawyer. Amelia speaks 6 languages. She is a member of the Quebec and Canadian Bar associations. Amelia is the president of the Canadian sport law association and teaches sport law at several prestigious Universities and forums.

She has extensive experience in sport arbitration where she represents athletes.

Amelia is the Canadian Correspondant of UNIDROIT, a UNITED NATION organization dedicated to International commercial law (lex mercatoria). For more info plese go to her LinkedIn profil here


Sacha,  is an intern at our firm. Very passionate by his work, he focused is study on international private law, sport law, litigation, contractual law, intellectual property, copyright, negotiation and arbitration. 

acha is perfectly bilingual in French and English. Sacha is also passionate about sport having been a high performance athlete both in Canada and France as well as involved in the management of sports clubs.
Within our firm, Sacha contributes very effectively in the development of arguments for our cases, being an ace of research and strategic thinking.
In addition, Sacha's professional experience in management within a sports club contributes and significantly completes the management of our files.
We are very proud to have Sacha as a full member of our team!


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