Welcome to LexMercatoria & LexSportiva !

Founded in 2002,

LSLM is a Canadian boutique law firm specialized in:

Business, International, Sport, Internet & Immigration sectors.

Introducing Our

Law Firm: LexSportiva & LexMercatoria

Based in Montreal with also an office in the beautiful Laurentides  Canada, our  boutique law firm has extensive experience in Canadian & Quebec corporate and commercial law as well as international commercial law, complexe business transactions (on the national as well as the international level) , civil law, Internet laws (we love Influencers!), Intellectual property  and transfer of IP, as well as in Canadian Immigration laws. 

Our attorneys are multilingual: we speak: French, Spanish, German, Farsi.

Our Business Sectors


Sport Law & Governance

We strongly believe in Justice and in Sports. We defend athletes rights and help clubs and other sport organisations in defining the best sport governance policies.


Business Law

We have extensive experience in complex business transactions on the national and international levels.


Immigration Law

We help ours clients with all their Canadian visa and immigration issues .


Internet Law

We help ours clients with all their internet legal issues from website policies to Influencers contracts.